Reliable HIS (Hospital Information System)

Supports the work of medical staff. Staff at various places, whether in a doctor’s office, on the ward, or in the operating theater or laboratory, use software with a very similar and intuitive interface. The system can be also used on tablets, thus enabling doctors to access patient information right at the bedside. It makes the patient identification process more efficient thanks to a wrist band scanning function, enables quick ordering of tests, access to test results and orders for drug administration, and reduces printing costs.


Intuitive user interface

Preview of history of documents modification and changes

Automatic real-time user notification of events

Responsiveness of application

Fully configurable dynamic document templates

Preview of patient data: health condition on a given day, preview of vital parameters, access to tests performed

In-built autosave mechanisms and backup solution for all documents

Documents can be completed independently by particular staff groups

In-built dynamic reports

Availability of relevant medical data defined by a physician

Predefinition of the relevant procedures (ICD9) for any medical document

Possible integration with systems of various producers

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